This city is located in south west Morocco and is well known for its Water Sports activities, Music Festivals and the Ramparts which are defensive walls for the castle


It is a city on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco known for its golf courses, wide crescent beach and Kasbah.


Is located in the Rif Mountains of northwest Morocco. It’s known for the striking, blue-washed buildings, leather and weaving workshops and the red-walled Kasbah


Is a port city and Morocco's gateway to Africa. The city used to be a hub for intellectuals and writers in the 60s. It is known for its Kasbah, Beach Promenade, St Andrew’s Church, American Legation and Librairie Des Colonnes.


A Moroccan Berber Town known for its magnificent mountains that is a draw for Trekking. Experience the local culture by visiting the nearby villages. Azrou also has a new cultural center and artisan area famous for carving local cedar wood.


It is the cultural capital of Morocco, known for its walled medina where you will explore the vibrant souks and Tanneries; Merenid Tombs and Al Kairaouine University which is the oldest in the world


It is the commercial hub of Morocco known for its combination of old and new. Explore the old medina, The Hassan 2 Mosque, Casablanca Cathedral and Musee Abderrahman Slaoui to name a few.


Is a small town in the Tadla-Azilal region of Morocco. It is famous for its White Water Rafting on the Ahansal River and amazing scenery of the Gorges and High Atlas National Park


A town in the in the Sahara Desert of Morocco known for its Sand Dunes ( ErgChebbi ) and DayetSrji. The biggest draw is the unmatched desert experience.