Monastery Of Toumliline

Hiking the Middle Atlas Mountains above the small town of Azrou and visiting Toumliline Monastery

Recently we shared information about the Moroccan landscape that changes within few hours drive. You can start your day in the mountains and end it under the stars in the Sahara Desert. However, Morocco is much more than just the landscape that offers plenty of attractions and things to explore for any type of traveler. There is also plenty of ancient history, old culture and customs one can discover travelling through this amazing country.


Recently we organized a picnic for a group of students and their teachers with Where There Be Dragons organization. Because the group was staying with host families in Azrou which is a great experience to be exposed to local culture, we decided to plan the picnic in the Middle Atlas Mountains just above the small town of Azrou. 

During this hike through the Cedar Trees this area is famous for, we were able to take in some stunning views and enjoy this picturesque landscape. We all enjoyed the picnic and the hike that allowed us to mingle and talk about plenty of topics over a Vegetable Tagine we cooked in the forest.

But one of the things that left a mark on all of us is the fact we were able to visit an important landmark in this area deep inside the mountains. We had the chance to see firsthand Toumliline Monastery, which is a symbol for religious exchange and coexistence that Morocco has long been and still proud of. 

The Monastery was founded by French Monks in 1952 during the colonial era due to its perfect location for meditation. It then became a place for cultural and faith encounters attended by young people from around the world. 

This is definitely a true heritage and sign for openness we should all be proud of. When traveling through this area of Morocco, we recommend a stop for a day or two, visit the artisanal center and go for a short hike to visit this interesting landmark. 

For movie lovers, this is where the French movie Of Gods and Men was filmed in 2010 and won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes. 

Toumliline Tours. 

  • 25 June 2019
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